About Jandy/Contact

Jandy was born in Brisbane, Australia, and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and North San Diego County, California. She is the daughter of dancer, visual artist, and writer Dorothea Nelson and philosopher, writer, and social activist Frithjof Bergmann. She is the eldest of seven children, has owned, trained, and ridden her own horses since the age of six, and in addition to making her living as a movement artist and educator, she has worked as a landscaper/gardener and editor/writer. She presently divides her time between Arcata and Santa Cruz, California. She is the mother of twin daughters, Ariana and Gabrielle Ducate.

Jandy draws on her background as a dancer, equestrian, Pilates instructor, farmer, and writer in her work as a Feldenkrais practitioner. Her clients appreciate her insightfulness, sensitivity, gentleness, sense of humor, and resourcefulness in her work with them.

She can be reached at:

(707) 498-6374 / info@jandybergmann.com

101 South H Street, Suite C, Arcata CA 95521 and

555 Soquel Avenue, Suite 245, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Jandy's Feldenkrais work has been such a gift in my life. Her empathy, compassion, and gentleness create a space for me where it is safe to let go, and her skillful touch invites such deep release of tension and relief from pain. I often end up feeling like a new person afterwards. I feel like I'm learning how to move through life with more ease. And her passion and enthusiasm for her work is contagious. Thank you, Jandy!!

—Danielle S., Arcata

I am a 69-year-old still-active javelin thrower (since age 14). Connective tissue injuries several years ago left me walking wiht a limp, unable to run, and somewhat clumsy. Surgeons had done what they could. Jandy’s more whole-body approach has almost entirely erased the limp, enabled me to run somewhat, and reduced the clumsiness considerably! I like especially that I haven’t just been her patient, but rather she and I have been partners in overcoming these physical challenges!

—Richard Step, retired Humboldt State University physics professor